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Pref for line wrap default (8)
Prompt for notes on changes when saving (5)
Button for the Dictionary (1)
Better Dash integration (2)
Disable saving in Debugging mode (9)
Provide Picker Placeholders with User-Defined Picklists (5)
Background Color at Window Level Instead of Global (2)
Move line up / down (20)
Shortcuts for basic line manipulation (19)
Handle dropped AppleScript data files (1)
Linking handler calls to their handlers (3)
Persistent Hide Extension Setting (3)
Merge all windows (4)
Shortcut conflicts ? (bug?) (15)
Where are RFEs supposed to be filed? (2)
Open Recent/Open Quickly (2)
Make Set Selection Aware of Tokens (6)
Put Markers inline with everything else (12)
Quick open window ( 2 ) (26)
Is it possible to add more than one app to Search in the Dictionary viewer? (2)
Horizontal split view: load other script (17)
Select Current Handler command (10)
Right-size columns (4)
Replace remaining low-resolution artwork in UI (1)
Search filter in Preferences (6)
Ability to copy full error log (1)
Links to Tutorials & Support in the Help menu (1)