Issue Exporting Run Only Script Bundle with Libraries included as run only

Another issue that’s been hanging around for much longer then typical for Script Debugger:

When a Script Library is updated/saved it somehow has a permission issue preventing it from being included in a Script Bundle or App exported as Run Only and include Libraries making then Run only, receive an error:

Export to /Users/myuser/Desktop/buildProofImagesv3.4 Run-Only.scptd failed: Converting /private/var/folders/p6/cfx39yqd5q77ddc1rssmrx440000gn/T/TemporaryItems/NSIRD_Script Debugger_ujdKm7/buildProofImagesv3.4 Run-Only.scptd/Contents/Resources/Script Libraries/mcs_adobe_lib7.scptd/Contents/Resources/Scripts/main.scpt to run-only failed: Unspecified error (-45).

The only way to overcome the issue is to find the script library navigate to contents and change permissions on contents folder to Read/Write for all. Then re-export Run only succeeds.

Can you look into resolving this issue? It’s been reported in various ways in the past.

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Can I ask why you have locked main.scpt in a .scptd file?

Haven’t done anything to lock main that I’m aware of. I have a script library in the standard user folder and export a bundle checking the run only and include bundles and fail.

iIt’s the main.scpt file in the script library (mcs_adobe_lib7.scptd) that is locked. Can you tell me what the permissions of that main.scpt file show in the Finder?

@ShaneStanley It is read only for staff and everyone after I save it. Unrelated, It always code signs even when I have set to export only.