Feature: Script Debugger Playground experience

In my mind I think: Lets face it. The inventor of a scripting language so different and everything else. To make application to talk to other application. The story you have properly read many times.

And the main core why it was invented in the first place.It’s no secret that privacy, security and to be transparent is far more important and it was in early days.

So what could I do, not much but I could express my thoughts for people who like to
listen. I have learn AppleScript, I know AppleScriptObjC, Python and JavaScript. I’m still a user who think bash scripting is still very useful.

I think this kind of technology is so cool:

  1. To be able to code in Swift and convert the code to Objective-C

  2. To be able to code in Objective-C and convert the code to Swift

  3. To make visual attributed string to become code

So what could be very useful to see in Script Debugger X is:
1. Visual UI to output code in AppleScriptObjC (Generator)
2. NSDate, NSAttributeString… or anything in Visual UI to build the code.(Generator)
3. Convert Swift code to AppleScriptObjC

1,2 will make new users able to learn scripting language and doing more things with AS.
3 will make new and old users to think its cool to and useful to learn AS. The knowledge
and reference to code in Swift is updated and supported. By learning new API and use
that knowledge in different way open the door to someone who only have Swift knowledge.

Its like a Script Debugger Playground experience :slight_smile:

I have on Macscripter.net made simple example of Objective-C to AppleScriptObjC
I have translated PyObjC code to AppleScriptObjC
And I have also learn to code little bit Swift with knowledge of Apple’s API.

People like Shane and so many others who share knowledge is wonderful, but lets
face it the learning to become a power user is not always straightforward. The reason
is a new user have 2 options. Learn Objective-C or Swift and then use that knowledge
to build something with AppleScriptObjC. That is not total true because I learn AppleScript
and after AppleScriptObjC and many do who do not have any Objective-C experience.
Its possible to learn that way but its also a different way and willing to search for knowledge
that is not always easy to find.

Lets take AppleScriptObjC to the next level there anyone could join the playground to
make things Apple never thought was possible.

Tools are only good if the knowledge/Reference to use them are great, and the only
limitation would be the creative mind what make things possible.