Export Run Only including enclosed bundles

When exporting run only Enhanced Apps SD does an awesome job at turning the included scripts (not bundles) to run only as well. It would be great if this could work with included script bundles.

Can you give some more detail of the problem you’ve discovered?

When you choose to have embedded scripts converted to run only, Script Debugger should go through all the embedded script bundles and convert any scripts it finds to run only.

I just re-tested here with this document and when I check, all the main.scpt files embedded in the resulting run-only script have had their source code stripped.

BundleTest.scptd.zip (12.7 KB)

Apologies for the delayed response. I tested the latest version and it looks like the only files that still have source code are the script library files. The version I prefer to use is Script Debugger 7.07. Unfortunately this version doesn’t save bundles without their source code.

The current version of Script Debugger still is less predictable on Exported Enhanced Apps unexpectedly quitting after displaying About Dialogs and other app dialogs like custom prefs or quitting using any means other then do shell script “killall FancyDroplet” which works for my purposes since it is the only enhanced app running. Anything I can do to assist in resolving the current development version, please let me know.