GIT integration

My context is an Xcode project with GIT for an app that includes an AppleScript resource.
The compiled script file versions are maintained as expected by GIT, but is there an easy way to compare changes? It seems that Script Debugger maintains its own time-machine style version history, but is there a way to spot the changes?

Maybe I am missing something - so as a sort of workaround, when committing to GIT, I first save a text copy of the latest script version along side the original (but without including it in the app’s resource folder). The text copy can be viewed in Xcode and compared to previous text file versions using Xcode’s GIT comparison tools.

Maybe this process could be smoothed out by offering a Script Debugger option that would routinely save dual copies of a script - compiled and text. Or is there already a way to do this sort of thing that I haven’t discovered?

The normal approach is to include the AppleScript in the Xcode project as a .applescript text file, and let Xcode compile it as part of the build process. Is there some reason you can’t do that?

No reason - except I am so used testing and working things out in Script Debugger first. So if I start thinking of the .applescript text file as the starting point, then I just have to figure out how to tell Xcode to put the compiled scpt into resources and how to jump back and forth to Script Debugger.

It will do that automatically.

In Xcode, use the Open With External Editor command. Just remember to save in Script Debugger before switching back to Xcode, and don’t make any edits in the Xcode version while it’s open in Script Debugger.

Sounds easy enough - and its probably documented somewhere ! THANKS. :slightly_smiling_face:

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