Add sparkle xml to Info.plist within UI of Script Debugger

I am using the Export Run-Only Script option and signing the applet as part of that step. After export I need to go into the Info.plist to add the SUFeedURL and SUPublicDSAKeyFile options, but doing so breaks the signing. It would be nice to add the ability to add those lines in the Bundle Editor area, so that it will be included in the Info.plist and would work for the signing option at export. Thanks.

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I’ve filed this as a feature request at our end, though I fear the audience for this is quite limited.

You can add these keys to your script’s Info.plist file (using a text editor) before notarizing? Script Debugger takes great pains to ensure Info.plist file customizations are maintained across script save operations.

I have to sign the applet afterwards via the codesign command line tool. If I sign during the export from Script Debugger, the act of adding the lines to the Info.plist afterwards invalidates the signature. So there is a workaround by signing using the command line tools, but if it could be added to the Bundle Editor it would just streamline the process greatly.

Just re-read this again. I don’t believe there is an info.plist until I export the Run-Only Script to generate the applet. If I try to re-export, it expects to overwrite the previous copy.

Switch to one of the bundled script file formats for your script: Compiled Script Bundle or Application. WIth this done, you’ll find an Info.plist file within your script bundle (Contents/Info.plist).

OK you are correct. I am using an Enhanced Applet, but if I change the Info.plist in the main script, it will copy out when I use the Export - Run Only version of the script. Thanks for the heads up on that. I wouldn’t have expected that to work.