Enhanced Applets: Unexpected Quit without OSAAppleScriptObjCEnabled in Plist

@alldritt @ShaneStanley
In using Enhanced Applets for 99% of my projects I am finding a Major Issue that severely slow down my daily process you could easily help us resolve: “Unexpected Quitting”

The only way to eliminate unexpected quitting of the App is by adding OSAAppleScriptObjCEnabled = yes to the plist file in any Scripts/Libraries and the Enhanced Applet. It even occurs in Ventura latest. There are a couple Topics related to this and all of the solutions are the same. The issue is whenever I export scripts as run only using “other” and navigate to my Scripts Folder, they eliminate this line in the plist I have added to the script. Also if I edit the Script Library using Save or Save As, It eliminates it in the saving process. Can you add by default to the plist file being generated with any file script saved to include OSAAppleScriptObjCEnabled = yes so this issue can be resolved once and for all? This would eliminate the issue with Scripts/Script Bundles and Script Libraries.

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This build should address this problem: