Script Debugger 7.0.10 Code FoldingCrash

Is anyone else experiencing crashes in 7.0.10 with folded comment sections. I’m seeing this consistently and have had to role back from this build.

I can reproduce the crash: SD freezes each time I click on a triangle beside a comment block.

MacOS 10.13.6 (17G9016)
Script Debugger 7.0.10 (7A99)

I’m aware of this issue but cannot reproduce it here. I suspect that the surrounding context or content of the comment contributes to Script Debugger’s failing. If you have an example that illustrates this crash, please send it to me privately and I’ll look into the problem further.

I’ve been doing some testing this morning and I think I have narrowed it down. When using comment blocks, the (* and *) need to be in vertical alignment otherwise SD 7.0.10 will crash when trying to close the comment block.

In my case, I have a display dialog commented out. The end *) is two tabs further right that the opening (*. This is enough to cause the crash.

However, creating a brand new script file and copying in the same comment block into it does not cause the crash. So it seems there needs to be some level of file history for this to happen.

Mark, I have emailed you an example script that causes the crash for me every time. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do this end.

Ignore the new script comment above, its actually to do with new lines after the comment block. One new line and no crash, more than one line and it will crash everytime.

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This is the same issue I’d been seeing with 7.0.9 and reported here:

Have been sticking with 7.0.7 since I no longer had 7.0.8 installer. Specifically experiencing with commented out code blocks.

I can confirm this is happening as well. In my case I opened the applet in SD. Compiled it, then tried to fold the commented code. SD hangs. I got a sample from Activity Monitor if that would help (not using drop box anymore so not sure what the best way to provide that is).Sample of Script (25.4 KB)

–> Script Debugger 7.0.10 (7A99)
–> Mac OS 10.11.6 (15G31)

Thank you all for working to identify the case of this bug. I’ve created a pre-release Script Debugger 7.0.11 build with a fix for this issue. If you are part of the Beta group you can view the release notes here:

For those not part of the private Beta group (if you want to become part of the private Beta group, please DM me), you can download the build here:

7.0.11-7A100 is working well for me so far - not experienced any comment code folding hangs. Will use in anger today and let you know if anything else comes up. Thanks very much Mark.

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Will also use in anger (and joy) today and will report