Bug Report: SD7 Freezes When Opening this Script

Running Script Debugger 7.0.10 (7A99) on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave).

SD7 has now crashed or frozen twice on two different scripts:

  1. One, after the script is opened, I click on the fold marker to unfold a handler
  2. Two, this script whenever I try to open it. It opens fine in Script Editor.

So there must be something about these older scripts that were saved from SD7 that is causing this issue now.

Here’s another script that does exactly the same. When I double click on the file in the Finder, it opens in SD7 and immediately freezes.

@UI Toggle Show-Hide @emoji Window using @KillAll @KM @AS.scpt.zip (36.2 KB)

Thank you for the example scripts. When I open your sample scripts on my 10.14.6 system, I’m not experiencing the freeze that you are.

Please capture a Sample Report using Activity Monitor while Script Debugger is hung. This may give is some clues to whatever may be causing the problem you are experiencing.

You can also double check that all your fonts are good. Font issues have been know to cause Script Debugger problems in the past.

Shane did some more digging and was able to reproduce the hang you reported. This appears to be the same problem reported in this topic:

Please try the 7.0.11 build offered in the above topic and let us know if that resolves the problem you are experiencing.

Running Script Debugger 7.0.11 (7A100) on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave)

Thanks Mark and Shane. I tried the 7.0.11 build, but it DID fix the issue for
Edit Script or Sub-Macro in KM Action [ORIG].scpt

The file opened OK from a double-click, and when I clicked on this expand fold button it expanded as expected.

One Note: The download DMG installed a SD app with a different name than what I had. I had “Script Debugger 7.app”, and it installed “Script Debugger.app”. Was this intentional?

I’ve been using this beta build and am now getting an “Expiring Build” message but when checking for update it says I’m on the current version. Is there an update to install or is 7.0.11 releasing to the public soon?


We have a new build. You can download it here:


Thank you for the updated build.