Application freezes, associated with code folding?

I have been experiencing quite a few application freezes with SD. While working on an application SD will all of a sudden become unresponsive with the spinning beachball icon. This does not occur with all applications and I’ve had a hard time narrowing down which ones will cause it but I feel like the ones that I have recently code folded a commented out section are impacted most. When this happens I have to force quit SD. Though, then when I try to open the same app in SD it continues to freeze and is unusable.

I reverted back to 7.0.7 (since I couldn’t find 7.0.8) and did not have the issue. Updated to 7.0.9 to try that again and again it is back. Work around in 7.0.9 by removing the commented out code blocks using Script Editor and then re-opening in SD and it opens fine/doesn’t freeze.

I have also noticed some apps opening with code folded when I did not save it in that state. Some will even fold upon saving of the app.

Current computer specs:

  • OS 10.14.6
  • SD 7.0.9 (7A94)

Any help would be appreciated.

We made a number of changes to improve code-folding performance in 7.0.9. Ironically, it seems there may be a regression that’s causing this failure you are experiencing. Please send me an example script that illustrates the problem you are experiencing and I’ll see if I can reproduce the problem here.

Thanks Mark. I’ll see if I can get one that I can share. One I was just working with (but can’t share for corporate reasons) was consistently causing the freeze when folding down a commented out block. In this case I hadn’t made any changes to the comment block. And replicated the issue a second time after force quitting SD and re-opening the same app (which lost its changes upon force quit).

Here is a sample app:

This one I added in the commented out code block, saved and closed the app, re-opened and then tried folding down the commented out block and SD froze.

Thank you. I can reproduce the hang here with your example. I’ll get this resolved right away.