Pixelmator Pro 1.8 AppleScript Contest Results

The results of our Pixelmator Pro 1.8 AppleScript Contest are in. We had three submissions, so everybody wins! Thanks to everyone who submitted and voted and to the Pixelmator Pro folks for supplying the prizes. Here are the entries:

  1. Takaaki Naganoya’s Piyomaru Whack-3-moles Game with 1 heart


  2. Daniel Rodrigue’s Kool-Andy-Tribute

  3. Fredrik Gustafsson’s Pixelmator Pro Library

    While this entry didn’t fit the rules (too long), it was our third and final submission.

Winner’s will receive their Pixelmator Pro App Store codes via PM.

It is with a great honour to appear on AppleScript Pixelmator Pro Contest Podium!
Thank you Mark!
Taker care!