Duplicate Emails

The duplicate messages started again so I followed these instructions.

Thank you for posting them.

Seems like Activity Summary is affected too. Turned my emails to Never but have still gotten several Activity Summary emails since. Unchecked that box for now.

oopsie, now I started receiving dupe emails… about 20 in 1 hour so far

Today’s update: the problem continues. My apologies to everyone for all these duplicate emails. Unfortunately, I’m not having much success getting help on the Discourse support forum and Discourse its self is a black box for me. I’ll keep working on the problem as opportunities arise. I’ll continue killing the email tasks as I find them. Problems arising overnight will be addressed in the morning.

As before, if you experience duplicate emails, please see this post for instructions on how to disable emails:

I recently posted a question on this forum to which Shane Stanley kindly replied. That was fine but, Shane’s response was emailed to me 10 times – i.e. 10 separate emails with the same notification content.

The emails were sent separately over the hours from 10.56pm yesterday to 1.30am this morning.

My apologies for the repeated emails. We are working on trying to resolve the issue.

Since the problem does not seem to be fixable I’ve disabled all outbound email again. This will prevent the duplicate messages but also prevents all notifications and also prevents new users signing up (they will not receive their email address verification email).

The Discourse community has been silent on this issue so I presume we are the only site experiencing the problem. Until I get some help, we’ll have to live without emails.

I’ve made some configuration changes. Please post something - some Lorem ipsum text - to this topic. I want to see if I receive duplicate notification emails as a result.

Here you go. Lorem ipsum text

Thanks Ed. Things look like they are better. I’m going to try turning on emails again and we’ll see what happens…

If you receive duplicate emails, please report back here.

The update email system just had a rupture - I came home to c.80 dupes of the same update mail … and I thought I’d turned updates off, as suggested. I wonder if a system update undid some previous fix? Not complaining, I feel an admin’s pain , but FYI.

Getting several emails as of 1155 EST