Duplicate Emails

Anyone else getting bombarded by the email summary showing this particular thread over and over again? Since last night, I’ve received close to 70 emails with this thread. I’ve logged into the forum, read the thread, etc… Keep getting them. Just got another while writing this…


My apologies.

I upgraded the Discourse software that runs this site last night and it would seem there has been a regression. As soon as an update correcting the problem appears I’ll apply it.


Update: I’ve applied the changes that have appeared over the last two days. Unfortunately, nothing in the commit histories points to this problem, though I suspect the issue is with a sub-system called Sidekick which Discourse depends upon.

I’ll keep looking for fixes for this issue and clearing the email backlog then I see the problem developing.

Update II: The problem persists.

Yep - I just deleted 274 of them - seem to be coming in once every minute.

I didn’t think I was getting them, but it seems like mail started sending them to Junk when a bunch started coming in.

But I’m not getting nearly as many as others.

I wonder if changing email preferences in profile settings might help?

Here’s what my preferences look like:

Also there is an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email. If I was getting flooded I’d try that and turn of all email in my preferences until it gets sorted out.

My apologies again for filling your inboxes with all these repeat emails. I’m experiencing the here problem too.

I’ll keep an eye on the email queues and empty them manually. This does not help overnight, but it eases some of the pain. I cannot seem to find a setting to turn off topic notification emails entirely so I’m not able to silence this problem.

I have disabled the option under “Activity Summary” about an hour ago. But I still keep getting the emails.

That suggests to me that it’s not an issue with Discourse but with the MTA or anything else that Discourse uses to send out the emails.

Have you checked the logs of both what Discourse sends out (I hope it logs it, I don’t know the software) and what actually gets sent by the MTA?

It seems that this problem has resolved its self as I’ve not experienced duplicate messages for a few days. It is not clear if this is a consequence of the software updates I’ve applied or downstream changes with the email servers involved.

If you continue to experience duplicate topic emails, please reply to this thread and let us know.

I hope I’m not the only one experiencing duplicate emails again?!
The problem has resurfaced again.

:rofl: This topic now seems to be very popular. I wonder what obscure setting is causing? FWIW, I admin a couple of discrete Discourse fora (but I’m not expert in their config) but haven’t seen this effect—thankfully. Anyway, I quite understand the issue isn’t deliberate.

I too am overwhelmed with emails.

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I’m receiving them too - started at 3.50 am EST

I was receiving them every 2 minutes starting yesterday evening CDT. I unsubscribed at nearly 11pm. I just re-subscribed a few minutes ago and they haven’t started again … yet?

My continued apologies for the ongoing issue with massive numbers of duplicate emails.

This problem seems to only happen with some forum topics and at different times. Still looking into the cause and trying to find a solution.

If you begin receiving duplicate emails, you can visit the Preferences page for your account and change Email sending preference from ‘Only when away’ to ‘Never’:

For the love of GOD, stop these emails!!! This is atrocious coming from an expert in automation.
I suppose we could have your mail sender black listed…

All outgoing email has been disabled for the time being. My apologies for the vast numbers of duplicate emails you received.

Don’t sweat it. Anyone stubborn/smart enough to manage Applescript can surely cope with a few duplicate messages. :kissing_cat:


I get recurring duplicate email notifications every few minutes for a topic I am “Watching” if someone has replied. The recurring duplicate email notifications will only stop when I go visit the topic.

After applying a Discourse update I re-enabled emails and the system was operating correctly for several days. But last night then duplicate email issue re-occurred. Unfortunately, disabling outbound emails is an all or nothing setting in Discourse which prevents many features from operating, including not allowing new users to signup.

Please follow these directions to disable emails until I’m able to resolve this problem: