What happened with the summary emails?

I appreciate this company but have no use for dozens of forum updates each day. Did something happen with the forum or email server?

I unsubscribed after 14 hours of mail bombing - receiving the same summary every minute.


It’s particularly egregious because unsubscribing doesn’t work. I thought I’d unsubscribe and re-up later but no luck … hope they get a fix in soon!

As of this day, this still is an issue, although I’ve not turned on the summary updates. Currently, 7 duplicates of each notification land at my inbox. My settings are:

My apologies for the duplicate emails. It’s a problem introduced when I updated the Discourse software a couple of weeks ago. Please monitor this topic as I work through the issue:

It’s happening again. Late last night and into today. Approximately 200 emails, all of them the same summary digest email. I have not tried unsubscribing or anything. I’m just swatting them like flies at the moment.

I just checked my junk mail, the last thing I got from latenight forums was Aug. 25 (12 copies of the same message). I have tried unsubscribing from everything.

Today I am getting again the same summary email many times …