Weird behaviour of Script Debugger text editor


MacOS 11.7.1, Script Debugger 8.0.5

The text editor of my Script Debugger somehow got into “Insert” mode instead of “Append”. I place the cursor, and start typing. The cursor remains, and all text is inserted after it; new lines are created, but the cursor does not move. Text replacement is not really possible.

Any tip on how to fix this unbearable situation is highly appreciated.

Would you mind trying a system restart?

Thanks, It did not help.

The 11.7.1 update was waiting, so I did this, and after that another restart.

And it’s not confined to a particular script, or window of line-wrapping arrangement?

One thing I could try is to uninstall and re-install Script Debugger; is there a list where in the Library it has parts?

That’s highly unlikely to make any difference. You could try removing the preference file.

I have the effect with new, and existing scripts.

Actually trashing the Preference file and letting it be built up new (plus entering several serial numbers) fixed the issue.

Please uncheck the 'synchronize split-view selection` setting in the Script Debugger Editor preferences panel. This will resolve the problem until we can produce a maintenance build that addresses the issue.

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Thanks for the advice; I will do so

The reason why trashing the preferences works is because “synchronise split-view selection” is disabled in the factory defaults.

I’ve addressed this problem in the Script Debugger 8.0.6 maintenance release. A beta build is available here:

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