Startup description is cropped


Hi there,

The startup description in the enhanced applet never fits into place in my case. Also, I can scroll horizontal even when the description has only one word.

I’m using SD v8.0.1 (8A36) on Big Sur 11.4

Thank you letting us know about this issue. We’ll resolve it in the next maintenance release.


This Bug is still there in 8.0.3 Beta.

Are you running on Intel or Apple Silicon?

It happens on both platforms with v8.0.3 (8A43). I’ve created a blank Enhanced Applet (open handler enabled), pasted some text with long lines into the description and saved it with startup screen option enabled. When I run it, it looks like this (the movement is my scrolling with the trackpad):

2021-11-13 23-21-43.2021-11-13 23_22_49

What version of macOS are you saving the app under?

Intel: macOS 12.0.1
M1: macOS 12.1 Beta 2

Please send me a copy of your example via DM. I’m having difficulty reproducing the problem you are experiencing.

This issue is resolved in the Script Debugger 8.0.3 8A46 build.