ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 8.0.3 (8A46)

A new Script Debugger 8.0.3 BETA build is available. You can download it here:

Script Debugger 8.0 Release Notes

Build 8A46 Changes

  • 1767: Fixed startup-screen issues in exported Enhanced Applets.

  • 1690: Corrected a problem with Enhanced Applets where text wrapping in script descriptions was not handled properly.

  • 1768: addressed a crash that may happen when Enhanced Applets provide an on quit handler which uses the continue quit statement to re-dispatch the quit event.

  • 1766: Corrected a bug in Enhanced Applets where the presence of an on quit handler caused the applet to ignore the user’s first attempt to quit the applet.

Build 8A43 Changes

  • 1765: Corrected a regression where template placeholders were not drawn correctly on macOS Monterey systems.

  • 1763: Further improvements to Enhanced Applets and how the on run and on open handlers are called.

Build 8A42 Changes

  • 1433: Resolved the issue reported in this forum post where Enhanced Applets fail to quit when they should.

Build 8A41 Changes

  • 1762: Corrected a problem where Enhanced Applets incorrectly involved the on run handler following file drops and would not properly return to active droplet state if the Stay Open application option is enabled.

Build 8A38 Changes

  • 1690: Fixed display issues in enhanced applet startup screen,.