Speed issue after upgrading to Catalina

After the upgrade (from Hight Sierra to Catalina) some of my scripts became slow. Very slow.
They all display a table containing a list of files, and some info on these files.

Some are compiled or bundled scripts and uses a library to build & display the table in a window.
Others are Xcode apps and every thing is built using AppleScriptObjC from Xcode.

I’ve spent 2 entire days making tests and searching the web, looking after a workaround but found nothing.
It’s obvious that every routine where file/resource reading is involved take much more time to execute.
But also the display of an empty table is affected.
(All of these scripts used to take less than a second to complete and now they can take up to 5 seconds.)

At first, I thought that Spotlight indexation (and other “post-upgrade system housekeeping”) was the problem. But after 4 days now, Spotlight is fully indexed and Activity Monitor does not show unusual resource consumption.

Does anyone here encounters the same issue?
Hope there is a known workaround for this issue…

FWIW, I found a definite slowdown with ASObjC in Catalina.

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That’s what I was afraid of.
Would it be better if I disable SIP?
Or if I upgrade to Big Sur?

I don’t really know. I’m not keen to disable SIP, and my Big Sur testing machine is not comparable performance-wise anyway.

Ok. Thanks anyway for your time.

Shane, I am considering upgrading from Mojave to Big Sur.
Any guidance, issues, or concerns you have with Big Sur would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve only used Big Sur for testing, and on odd Macs, so I can’t make a fair comparison. I found Catalina one of the worst releases in a long, long time, but to be fair, it has improved as the dot releases have arrived.

That said, I haven’t see as many complaints about Big Sur in the early days as there were in Catalina’s early days.


Thanks Shane. That’s good to know.

Anyone else have experience in upgrading to Big Sur?
If you could share your experience that would be great!

No problems. In my opinion, everything runs much smoother than with Catalina.

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Be prepared to several questionable UI changes that can affect your software, too.

For example, text in alert dialogs will turn into barely legible center-aligned gibberish - especially if it includes file paths. Certain UI elements may change their appearance and end up nearly blended with white background.

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