Disabling some table rows according to their contents

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After several tests, I found that this handler is largely responsible of the slow-down I’m experiencing on Catalina:

 	on tableView:theTable willDisplayCell:theCell forTableColumn:theCol row:theRow
		set canSelect to ((theArrayController's arrangedObjects()'s objectAtIndex:theRow)'s objectForKey:"theSelect") as boolean
		theCell's setEnabled:canSelect
	end tableView:willDisplayCell:forTableColumn:row:

So I’m trying to migrate it to a .m file to avoid the use of AppleScriptObjC.
But I have no luck with it.
Can someone point me on how to do that?

theRow is an integer, so this line doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I would have done better to copy/paste instead of re-typing…
My previous post is amended.
It should read theCell's, of course.

Can’t you use a binding for that?

I would love to… If only I knew how to do!

What I’m missing is how to set the model key path.
My table displays 2 columns of 5.
The info to use is a boolean in the fifth one, named theSelect.

Did you try just theSelect? And are you binding to the column?

Binding the column was the point!

Thaaaaaaaaank you!