SD Notary - doesn't enable applet to send events

I’m having difficulty with SD Notary 1.4.8 with two issues:

  • First is that applets that are signed and notarized cannot send Apple events. I have done this twice and made sure the “Can send Apple events” tick box is ticked. When I try to run the signed and notarized applet I get this:
    Can send Apple events

I have checked permissions in System Prefs and all Automation permissions for the applet are ticked. I do not have this problem with the applet before signing and notarizing.

  • Second issue is that SD Notary hangs when I try to select “About SD Notary”. I have to force quit to close SD Notary.

I’m running SD Notary on a late 2009 iMac running a patched macOS 10.15.7 and Script Debugger 7.0.13.

I’ve checked the Entitlements.plist and Submission Log. Both look fine to me. The submission log says at one point:

Entitlements: {
“” = 1;
“” = 1;

The info.plist file of the failed applet has this:

<string>This script needs to control other applications to run.

I found a copy of v1.4.7 which worked for me back in June 2021. Using it now, however, I’ve had the same two problems. Same with versions 1.4.2 and 1.4.1. I tried v1.3.0 but got a “Application has Expired” message.

Perhaps I’ve done something different in my use of “System Events” since June. But, I don’t understand enough to know why the applet would fail only after code signing and notarizing.

The only change between 1.4.7 and 1.4.8 was to deal with a timing issue that could also cause issues like this:

That won’t affect how apps are signed or notarized in any way.

As you’re using a patched version of macOS, it may be something like being compiled against a newer SDK. Here’s a link to 1.4.7:

Shane, thanks.

After much mucking around I have been able to use SDN 1.4.8 (Build 61) for my applet on an old Mac laptop running patched Mojave. The resulting signed app works on that old laptop. So, I copied it to my main iMac and opened it. I got the same error “Not authorised to send Apple events”.

Also, on the old laptop, SDN is not hanging when I choose File=>About SD Notary.

And, the copy of my applet originally run with SDN on my iMac works perfectly on the old laptop.

I think this suggests there is something amiss with my Catalina install. I had to run a bespoke tool to enable security updates to install. With SIP turned off etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if the patching has caused the problem. Perhaps, also, there is a mess in the Automation permissions. I’ll try resetting Automation permissions.