SD Notary: "No UUID returned" but Apple notarizes app anyway

This sometimes occurs when I submit an AppleScript app with SD Notary:

After the upload is complete and some time has passed, SD Notary reports that no UUID was returned by Apple. But a short time later, I get an e-mail telling me that the application was successfully notarized.

At this point, I once tried the “Staple Only” option in SD Notary, but it couldn’t staple the original app, and it seems to have deleted the copy that it submitted - there was no Submitted folder, only a Working folder. If no UUID is returned, could SD Notary preserve the Submitted copy somewhere so that it could be used for stapling if Apple notarizes the app? At the moment, the only course of action seems to be submit the app a second time.

Meanwhile, here are more words of thanks for SD Notary, which makes life far easier than it would be without it.

You can perform a Sign Only…, and staple the result of that.

Having said that, I don’t think it’s a particularly goo idea. When no UUID has been returned, something has gone wrong in the process, and you have no idea of what. If it were me, I’d just re-submit.

Resubmitting is exactly what I’ve done. But, again, what’s odd is that in every case where SD Notary has reported that no UUID was returned, Apple went ahead and notarized the app. Is it possible that SD Notary is using a time-out setting that may be too short for slow online connections?

SD Notary doesn’t set any timeout. What does the log say?

I can’t find a log on disk; is there one that I should be able to find there? All I remember is that the progress window showed “Waiting for response from Apple” (or something similar) and then “No UUID returned” (or something similar). When I fetch the history, everything that I submitted through SD Notary shows “Package Approved.”

Check the working folder.

Ah - of course! I’ve deleted the folders for failed sessions and emptied the trash, but will send the log the next time this happens. Apologies for time-wasting meanwhile.

OK, this happened again. SD Notary reports “No RequestUUID returned for this upload” but Apple sends me an e-mail saying that the app has been notarized, and when I resubmit, everything works smoothly.

Here’s the log, as requested:

Submission (1.6 KB)

I hope this is of some use. And thank you again for SD Notary.

And it happened again a few minutes ago. Log attached.

So what’s happening is that altool is returning before outputting the information we need. I’ve seen this in testing, and I allowed a delay to deal with it, but it’s obviously not always enough — you’re probably seeing it more than most because you’re dealing with apps containing multiple binaries.

AFAIK, altool shouldn’t do this. Presumably it’s passing the job on to something else, and that’s where the delay is.

What version of macOS/Xcode are you using? It might also be affected by the version of altool.

(macOS Monterey provides a replacement for altool, so hopefully this will be a thing of the past.)

Ah - very glad to hear that the log clarified this. I’m using Big Sur 11.4 on an early-2015 MacBook Air and on a same-generation MacBook Pro. I’ve seen the same issue on both machines.

I’m also running Monterey on a borrowed M1 machine; is it possible to set up SD Notary on that machine with the altool replacement, which I see is called notarytool?

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SD Notary doesn’t yet support notarytool, so it will still use altool under macOS Monterey.