SD can't open files copied from OneDrive

I just ran into a strange issue:

Script Debugger can’t open files that were copied from OneDrive:

In detail:

I tried to move some files between two machines via OneDrive. That is, copied them to OneDrive on one machine, then on another machine copied them from OneDrive to hard drive.

On attempt to open the scripts there (from the hard drive), I got the aforementioned error.

I can open same scripts in Script Editor. After saving them in Script Editor, I can open them in Script Debugger.

I attached one such test file that exhibits the same behavior.

SD 8.0.6
macOS 14.4b1, 13.6 [same behavior] (756 Bytes)

So OneDrive seems to be giving the file spurious type/creator values. We should probably look at ignoring them these days.

Ok I see:

Both type and creator are “ˇˇˇˇ”.

BTW, while checking it I stumbled upon another strange thing.

For some reason, the creator type property of System Events in SD is displayed as top crop.

Script Editor:


Script Debugger: