Myriad Tables Questions


(Ed Stockly) #61

Last time I had to do a major upgrade it was a couple dozen desktops and maybe that many laptops, in several different offices.

It’s less now, but I don’t know what the number is.

(Christopher Stone) #62

Hey Ed,

With that many Macs I’d be surprised if Daniel wouldn’t give you a volume price on FastScripts.


(Ed Stockly) #63

Price is not the issue for me. It’s another piece of third party software to install and maintain and troubleshoot. That’s OK for the company desktops but more problematic for laptops and even more problematic when people need to install it on their personal systems.

(Christopher Stone) #64

Hey Ed,

FastScripts is essentially an enhanced version of Apple’s AppleScript menu.

Drop it into the Utilities folder.

Fire it up.

Allow it to start at log-in.

Make sure “Automatically Check for Updates” is ON.

At that point you need do nothing different than if you were supporting the Apple AppleScript menu, and the difference in functionality and convenience is huge.

If you need to distribute scripts via Dropbox then a slight workaround is required – FastScripts will only support an alias as a proxy for the ~/Library/Scripts folder – you cannot use a symlink.

If you want to mess with it I’ll help.

If not then it’s your shop.


(Ed Stockly) #65

Well this is not encouraging. Tried to purchase in the Ap Store and it requires 10.12 minimum.

–> Script Debugger 7.0.7 (7A72)
–> Mac OS 10.11.6 (15G22010)

(Christopher Stone) #66

Hey Ed,

I sent you what should be a compatible version privately.

If anyone else needs one it should run back to Snow Leopard (10.6.6).


(Christopher Stone) #67

Hey Ed,

Back before column and row labels were commonplace we used Row-01 for column names and Column-01 for row names.

It might not be quite as pretty or versatile as what Shane’s doing with column-headers, but you should be able to fashion something that helps manage the tables.


(Ed Stockly) #68

Thanks Chris, I’ll give that a try. I a little hesitant because our systems people are always super conservative about upgrading to new versions. As far as their concerned it things are working and stable no need to invite trouble. It was like pulling teeth to get them to agree to 10.11.

(Ed Stockly) #69

I do use the first item in each row as a label, but when moving data back and forth between user input, script processing and putting it on the page it’s a lot easier if I don’t have to worry about including static text, and can do operations on the entire table without having to delete and then reinsert columns.

(Shane Stanley) #70

How do they feel about security? Because Apple generally only provides security patches for the current version and two previous, which means 10.11 is no longer on the radar.

(Ed Stockly) #71

Considering that a windows/unix malware nearly put us out of business for a few days, they’re probably more worried about that now. But, none of that affected the macs, and from my perspective if we didn’t have these macs we may not have gotten the paper out.

I don’t think they’re too worried about malware on macs.

(Ed Stockly) #72

Also, it looks to me like Mojave would shut me down pretty quickly.

(Shane Stanley) #73

In what way would it do that?

(Ed Stockly) #74

At the very least I’ll have to rewrite any applet and droplet that uses top level variables (all of them) and set each one up for CodeSigning.

(Shane Stanley) #75

Keep in mind that code-signing is only required to get past Gatekeeper, and that Gatekeeper is only involved if files are downloaded or emailed. If files are copied from servers or attached drives, there’s no problem. Nor is there for any existing apps. But longer term, yes, that’s an issue.

I’m really asking because maintaining compatibility that far back is getting harder to do. I suspect that, apart from a couple of upgrades in the pipeline, future versions of my libs may require at least 10.12, for example.

(Ed Stockly) #76

That far back? That’s one point. 10.11 to 10.12. What is that 2 years?

(Shane Stanley) #77

Upgrades have been pretty much annual since 10.7.

(Ed Stockly) #78

I think this is a bug. The editable columns parameter is set to {}, and that should mean that the columns are not editable, but they can be edited. Or am I missing something?

use scripting additions
use script "Myriad Tables Lib" version "1.0.7"

set tableData to {{"Thursday, March 7, 2019", "TV Ratings"}, {"Thursday, March 7, 2019", "TV Highlights"}, {"Friday, March 8, 2019", "TV Highlights"}, {"Saturday, March 9, 2019", "TV Highlights"}, {"Sunday, March 10, 2019", "Calendar Letters"}}

set tableTitle to "Pick Product and Date"
set tablePrompt to "Choose the product and date to order"
set multipleSections to false
set addOrDelete to false
set editableColumns to {}
set columnHeadings to {"Publication Date", "Product"}
set rowNumbering to false
set emptySelectionAllowed to true

--display table with data
set tableResult to display table with data tableData ¬
   with title tableTitle ¬
   with prompt tablePrompt ¬
   multiple selections allowed multipleSections ¬
   can add and delete addOrDelete ¬
   editable columns editableColumns ¬
   column headings columnHeadings ¬
   row numbering rowNumbering ¬
   empty selection allowed emptySelectionAllowed ¬

(Shane Stanley) #79

From the dictionary for the editable columns parameter:

A list of the indexes of the table columns that should be editable. Pass an empty list to make all columns editable.

if you don’t want any editable, either leave the parameter out or pass missing value.

(Ed Stockly) #80

Whoops! I even looked at the dictionary, just didn’t look close enough. OK, thanks!