Myriad Tables Questions

First, I think it would be cool to have a category for Myriad Tables.

In the meantime I have two questions.

First, am I right in assuming that I can run MT in yosemite from the AppleMenu and from Script Editor, but not from SD?

Second, I toyed with the idea of using an MT table as a script/document palette, but someone (maybe Shane?) suggested that’s not such a good idea.

If it’s not a good idea, why not? What harm could I do?

And another MT question: Is there a way to make it so a table responds to a double-click, instead of selecting an item then clicking the OK button?

No. I took a straw poll for whether double-clicking should be equivalent to the OK button or should give the cell clicked on focus (assuming it’s editable). The vote was strongly the latter, because the alternative is the Finder-like thing of select-pause-return for editing. I thought about a choice, but the problem then is that the user has no way of knowing what the rule is, and may accept a dialog they mean to edit.

Got it. If that’s revisited, then I’d suggest that when a cell is not editable a double click should be the same as clicking ok. Or there should be an option for that.

As far as letting the user know, that would be something for the prompt.

FYI, using a table as a floating palette works quite well and would work better if I could double-click!

I’ll have another look next time around. But I did have it that way in early testing, and it generated complaints.

I can make a movie to show you why it would be cool. Just finished a script using it that will save me and my co-workers about half-an hour of tedious error prone work, even without the double-click to accept.

I am using it as a script palette, in a sense. The user’s choice simply calls a handler, it doesn’t launch a new script.

OK, Here’s a link to a movie that illustrates the issue. Basically I want to be able to double-click on an item to select and the item and hit the default button. I would also like some way to control where a myriad table window appears. (I wonder if those links below are working)

I’ll look at adding the option in the next rev. But you can do it now. You need to add a use framework "Foundation" statement to your script, and before you display table, insert this line, where myTable is whatever variable you are using for the result of make new table...:

myTable's theController's dialogTableView()'s setDoubleAction:"SMS_performOKClickIfNecessary:"

I’ll keep it in mind, but it complicates the automatic sizing a bit.

I also need to watch out for the limit on the number of parameters I can support.

Megacool! (will this also work in yosemite?)

I can report it does work on yosemite! Thanks!

It’s basically doing what would be done if the facility were built-in – it’s just changing the method to be called when the table is double-clicked to the same one called by the OK button.

What’s the word on using and editing Myriad Tables in Yosemite?

I’m asking because I have a very simple table script that seems to cause SE to go into this unstable state where I can’t edit or save. (But I can still run the script).

How about SD? Will that cause any issues beyond crashing?

–>Script Debugger 6.0.4 (6A198) on OSX 10.10.4

Using should be fine, but I haven’t tested it there. The same goes for editing, with the proviso that if the script also uses ASObjC, there are the usual caveats.

Your problem might be an issue of saving pointers. Try moving all actual use of it out of the run handler.

I’ll try that. What seems to happen is after I clear an MT window, SE user interface is crippled. If I hid SE, and go back to it then it seems fine.

What happens if you switch to another app and then switch back?

Just switching to a different app doesn’t seem to do it. Hiding SE and going back does, so does switching to two or three different apps.

Honestly, unless the problem exists in later versions of the OS, I’m unlikely to be able to do anything about it.

I’ve noticed that if a combo-box is in the first spot (row 1; column 1) of a table, you have to hit the tab two or three times to enter text.

Also, I like the way you can just start typing in a combo-box and if there’s a matching selection in the combo-box menu, it fills that in. But, is there anyway to make that case insensitive?

I can’t offer much cheer on either – both issues reflect built-in behavior.

Case-insensitive combo-boxes would be a good thing to request from Apple, but I suspect the question’s been asked many times before.

FYI, Myriad Tables Lib is now up to version 1.0.7.

  • Introduces the ‘double click means OK’ parameter to the ‘make new table with data’ and ‘display table with data’ commands.

  • The ‘modify table’ command has a new ‘initial position’ parameter.

  • The ‘table reply’ and ‘extended table reply’ records include a new ‘final position’ value.