Myriad Tables Questions


(Shane Stanley) #41

Can you email me a cut down example?

(Ed Stockly) #42

It’s actually a fairly small script. Just drop it in a folder with other scripts and when you run it (from SD or a script menu) it creates a script palette from the scripts in the folder. You should be able to resize it and put it anywhere you like on the screen. But, after a few runs it forgets its position.

(Shane Stanley) #43

Maybe it happened in editing, but that version has no way of getting out of the repeat loop you’re showing the table in. That means when someone cancels, the script is still running, and is likely to cause all sorts of mischief.

(Ed Stockly) #44

Wait, what? Doesn’t the Cancel button (“Close Palette”) stop it?

It doesn’t keep running in SD Debugging and the spinning gear stops in the menu.

(Shane Stanley) #45

Sorry, you’re right. It turns out the script runner was still trying to run a Mail action script I was testing yesterday, and that somehow made the error -128 fail to stop the script.

Now that I’ve eliminated that, I’m not seeing the problem you describe. However, there is an issue when it’s run on a second screen. I’ll look into it when I get a chance.