How to increase the font size in the Terminology List

(Vlad Ghitulescu) #1


I’ve already founded how to increase the font size for the dictionary contents display but had no luck with the Terminology List.

Could you please give me a hint for increasing the font size there too?



(Mark Alldritt) #2

Which part of Script Debugger are you referring to as the Terminology List?

(Vlad Ghitulescu) #3


On the video-tutorial-site there’s a tutorial named “Script Debugger 5 - The Dictionary Window” that defines on 3:37 the “Terminology List” - see uploaded screenshot

(Mark Alldritt) #4

Thanks. This setting can be altered using the Outliners/Inspectors preference:

(Vlad Ghitulescu) #5

Thanks, Mark, that was it!