Where are RFEs supposed to be filed?

(I found the place :slight_smile: It’s right under the Feature Request tag :slight_smile: )

I have a (small) number of requests for enhancements (or whatever it’s called in places not like SourceForge) and I’d like to know the best place to file them.


  1. Ability to select a persistent font size for the dictionary contents display (the Enlarge/Reduce trick works on a dictionary basis and does not apply to all the dictionaries at once)
  2. Have SD remember its window size and location and window layout from one session to the next

Hey Jean-Christophe,

If you look in the dropdown menu with the 3 bars you’ll find a feature-request category.

You found this already I see.

It seems to me that’s doable now but is a bit of a hack, and I don’t remember how.

I think there should be a setting – even if it’s an expert preference.

Look in the Window menu ⇢ “Set Default Script Size & State”.


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