Dialogs in Enhanced Applet Not Dismissing

I’ve noticed that in my enhanced applet created with SD 7.0.7 choose from list dialogs/windows don’t dismiss after a button is pressed – subsequent choose from list dialogs/windows appear and also do not dismiss with the result that I end up with many displayed all at once.

I’ll provide more details or the link to my project as an example in due course but just wanted to get something out right now.

One possible reason for why it’s happening in my applet is that my applet’s run handler calls a child script object in the script. That child script object contains a number of repeat loops but after a progress indicator is displayed and completed the repeat loops are exited, the script object ends and the on idle handler runs which then calls the child script object again – the purpose of all that being to dismiss the progress indicator.

so, here’s the example applet.

run Test

script Test
	choose from list {1, 2, 3} with prompt "This is a prompt." with title "This is a Title"
	choose from list {4, 5, 6} with prompt "There are now two choose from list prompts displaying, though only one is active. If you can't see both, try getting every UI element of this application process." with title "This is a Title"
	choose from list {7, 8, 9} with prompt "There are now three choose from list prompts displayed." with title "this is a Title"
end script

Save it as an enhanced applet and run it independently (not from within SD).

by the time you get to the third prompt, there will be all three displaying.

Thank you for the example. I am able to reproduce the problem you are experiencing when I save with the Show Startup Screen option disabled. We’ll resolve this issue in the next Script Debugger maintenance release.

We have improved the Enhanced Applet shell for the upcoming Script Debugger 7.0.8 maintenance release to address this issue. You can download a pre-release build here. Note that you’ll need to be part of our Beta Testing group to access this page - just PM me @alldritt to gain access.