ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 7.0.8 (7A73)

A new Script Debugger 7.0.8 BETA build is available. You can download it here:

Changes for build 7A73

  • 1187: Improved the way parameter types are shown in command completion templates.

  • 1223: Improved mouse tracking when manipulating adjacent breakpoints quickly.

  • 1239: Resolved a series of issues with quitting enhanced applets. Applets now quit properly when the droplet window is closed. In addition, enhanced applets now invoke an on quit handler if its present. Note that on quit handlers must invoke continue quit to actually have the applet quit.

  • 1259: Corrected a problem where the Run button in the Enhanced Applet startup screen did not respond to the Enter key.

  • 1222: Corrected a problem where closing an enhanced applet’s window did not cause the applet to quit.

  • 1257: Improved legibility in Resources Tab and elsewhere when running under macOS Mojave.

  • 1243: Enhanced applets only accept dropped files when an ‘on open’ handler exists in the scripts.

  • 1249: Resolved a crash that can occur in rare circumstances when generating the Table Of Contents menu.

  • 1244: Corrected a bug effecting enhanced applets on Mojave systems in Dark Mode where the script’s description is shown in black text on a black background. The script’s description is not shown in white text in Dark Mode unless the text color has been explicitly set.

  • 1248: Resolved a series of issues with the Enhanced Applet shell that prevented modal dialogs displayed using the display dialog, choose from list and other commands from dismissing properly when an applet was saved with the Show Startup Screen option off. Also addressed some issues that could arise when a script displayed a series of modal dialogs.

  • 1250: Corrected menu validation in Enhanced Applets so that the Quit menu item is disabled while a modal dialog (e.g. display dialog, choose from list, etc.) is being displayed.

  • 1241: Fixed a bug where pasting a clipping with part of a folded line selected could result in deletion of the folded code.

  • 1195: Improved behaviour of color picker when changing colors in the Fonts & Color panel of Preferences.

  • 1221: Corrected a problem where certain global variables did not appear in the variables explorer.


Quick question. What’s the best way to replace an applet or droplet with this new version?

The reason I ask is that I’ve noticed that if I save a script as an enhanced applet, and then do a save as, as an Apple applet, it still keeps some aspects of the Enhanced applet (sparkle; the previous name in the saving alert window; etc.)

This issue is not unique to Enhanced applets, if I change the name of an apple applet the save dialog window shows the previous name.