Create Sparkle Appcast File app not running under Ventura

In a moment of madness I updated to Ventura 13.4 and now I cant get the sparkle Appcast files to work. Besides downgrading to 12.6 is there any chance of making this work?

May have answered my own question…
Seems the on open handler doesnt run so replaced it with

using terms from scripting additions
set oneFile to choose file with prompt "Select app file:"
end using terms from

That is correct. Since Ventura, the open handler no longer works for apps.

See: Ventura: AppleScript droplets don't work when dropping apps on them

…unless you drop on an icon in the Dock or drop an alias (just as a brief summary of the found solutions in the link you provided).

Slight clarification: The open handler worked for dropped apps in Ventura 13.0. It stopped working in 13.1, which suggests that it’s a bug, not a security feature. I included it as item 11 in this story, but I doubt it will make any difference:

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Thanks for mentioning it in PC Mag!

May I only add a slight correction to what you wrote: it’s not a specifically AppleScript bug - it’s a Cocoa bug (or an AppKit framework bug). It affects ALL apps on Mac that accept a drop - not only those written in AppleScript.

Also, the bug doesn’t affect all files dropped on an app. It only affects applications dropped on an app. Other files will be processed as expected.

Regardless, it’s great that this problem got such a wide exposure now.

P.S. And just tested: the bug is NOT fixed on Sonoma so far.

Ah - I should have remembered what the bug was. Anyway, maybe it’s enough to convince Apple to fix it. I’ll see if I can get the online text fixed next week. Thank you for clarifying this!

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