Ventura: AppleScript droplets don't work when dropping apps on them

I encounter a bizarre problem on macOS 13.1: AppleScript droplets don’t work when dropping apps on them.

For example, say I have this simplest test droplet (saved as app):

on open theFiles
	display alert "open"
end open

If I drop regular files/folders on the droplet, it does display the “open” alert as expected.

However, if I drop an application on the droplet, nothing happens.

This issue affects all my existing droplets I used for years, as well as any new ones I create whether in SD or Script Editor.

It appears that the problem started on 13.1.

Droplets do accept apps on my other Mac with 13.0; but same problem on a partition with 13.1 of that Mac.

Naturally it breaks my automated tasks that have been well established for years.

I wonder if others can confirm this issue?


I just noticed the same thing - and this may explain why SD Notary doesn’t open files that are dropped on it…!

Ok that’s good to know. I submitted the bug to Apple.

In the meantime, the solution I found is to drop an alias of the app on the droplet - aliases do work.


And your solution works when dropping an app on SD Notary also. Thank you!

Is there a way for someone else to endorse or agree with your bug report? If so, please post a link. And thank you again.

On macOS 13, Apple’s Script Editor does not open dropped application and display its AppleScript dictionary.

macOS 13 beta opened dropped application’s dictionary.

Is it a bug ? Is it a “New Rule”?

As far as I know, the bugs are not publicly visible. The best way to get Apple’s attention is to submit your own bug. You can reference my bug’s number: FB11900644.

Looks like a bug to me.

Ok now I realize the bug isn’t limited to AppleScript droplets - it affects regular Cocoa apps, too.

(Although I’m pretty sure there was no issues with regular non-AppleScript droplets when I posted this bug - but all I know that now after a restart the bug affects all droplets).

So here’s a more accurate description of the bug:

The application:openFiles: app delegate method ignores items with .app extension.

(For example, if you drop multiple items that include a mix of regular files and apps, the application:openFiles: will be called but apps will be excluded from the array of dropped items. If a single app is dropped, the method won’t be called at all.)

I assume that AppleScript droplets don’t accept dropped apps just as a consequence of this bug in general.

Additional info on this bug:

The bug actually doesn’t happen when dropping on a droplet’s icon in the Dock.

The bug only happens when dropping on a droplet in the Finder (whether in Finder window or Finder toolbar). Which to me is the most common scenario of using a droplet.

This bug seems to have continued into Ventura 13.2, alas. But as @leo_r discovered, you can drop something into a droplet’s Dock icon…