Crash when inspecting Safari toolbar buttons

Crash when inspecting Safari toolbar buttons


Bug Report




  • UI Browser should not crash
  • Maybe it should come into focus

This has happened since Mojave or so.


  • UI Browser crash


  1. use UI Browser follow focus
  2. click on a browser toolbar button in Safari
  3. try to switch back to UI Browser
  4. if it hasn’t already crashed it will do so now


  • UI Browser 3.0.2
  • macOS 12.6.3 (21G419)

Additional Notes

Details attached in two crash logs

https:// /VR9o2m/

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I’m wondering if this has been seen? Thanks

macOS 13.3beta+UI Browser 3.0.2

Safari Toolbar scan by UI Browser does not cause crash for me.

Please see my steps above

You need to use follow focus, then click on a Safari toolbar. Then you’ll see a crash.

I see. After 10 toolbar button clicking, UI Browser 3.0.2 crashed.

I use UI Browser from the first release version. I forgot the existence of the function.
Because I decided not to use the function because of crash.