ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 7.0.9 (7A85)

A new Script Debugger 7.0.9 BETA build is available. You can download it here:

Changes for build 7A85

  • 1317: The Script Debugger 5 Libraries converter now creates the ~/Library/Script Libraries directory if it is not already present.

  • 1312: Resolved an issue where the Pretty Print menu item state did not match the state of the Result Viewer when in Source or AEPrint modes.

  • 1315: Resolved a hang/crash that occurs when displaying placeholders on Catalina systems.

  • 1311: Script Debugger is now notarized (using our SD Notary utility) making it usable on Catalina (macOS X 10.15).

  • 1314: Improve the display of alerts and panels as sheets in Enhanced Applets.

Changes for build 7A81

  • 1285: Corrected a problem where closing the About window caused Enhanced Applets to quit.
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Got an error when exporting Run only:

Code signing failed.

/Users/myaccount/Desktop/untitled folder 8/ bundle format is ambiguous (could be app or framework)
In subcomponent: /Users/myaccount/Desktop/untitled folder 8/

What version of the OS are you using?

Im using OS Version 10.13.6.

And you were signing with a Developer ID identity?

Yes. Let me know if you want me to test anything.

That sounds like the copy of Sparkle is signed with a different identity. Is this a straight enhanced applet? Try copying the script into a new document and saving.

The goalposts for code-signing have moved a bit with notarizing – signing without notarizing is now pointless for anyone running 10.4 and later.

I’ll look into getting SD Notary working in 10.13. It does a deeper signing that eliminates this sort of problem.