ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 6.0.4 (6A195)

Hi Folks,

Here’s a new Script Debugger 6.0.4 build. You can download the new build here:

##Changes in build 6A195:

  • 720: Code signing now strips any resource forks (xattrs) within the bundle before signing. Unless they are removed, signing fails in Sierra. Also fixed a bug where the Property Persistence dialog was non-blocking.
  • 728: Resolved a problem where external debugging would fail silently when Script Debugger’s template chooser panel was the topmost window.
  • 729: Script Debugger creates a ~/Library/Components folder if required when installing the Script Debugger.component file to facilitate external debugging.

##Changes in build 6A193:

  • 581: Resolved a crashing bug that can occur when a script window is scrolled and then closed in quick succession.
  • 718: If an applet sets a value for LSMinimumSystemVersion in its Info.plist file, Script Debugger will honor it when exposing AppleScriptObjC terminology in code-completion.
  • 719: Scripting now exposes an open in tabs property of the application class.

##Changes in build 6A192:

  • 662: Addressed a crash that can occur on rare occasions when opening scripts.
  • 713: tell blocks created via drag and drop now honour the “Reference applications by ID when pasting Tell blocks” preferences setting.

I assume for #728 the word “file” in “external debugging would file silently” should have been “fail.”


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195 is telling me it’s expired.

–>Script Debugger 6.0.4 (6A195) on OS X 10.11.6

Me too.

Here’s a feature request too, would it be possible to add the option to update from the limited menu choices you get when you get the expired build announcement?

Script Debugger 6.0.4 (6A196) has been posted.