ANNOUNCE: Script Debugger 6.0.3 (6A188)

UPDATE: This build has been superseded by 6A189.

Here’s a new Script Debugger 6.0.3 build. You can download the new build here:

I apologize for all the churn. The adoption of Xcode 8 has caused some changes which caused regressions I didn’t anticipate.

##Changes in 6A188:

  • 562: A progress dialog appears while Script Debugger is code signing a script. This should avoid the temporary hang which sometimes occurs while code signing large or complex script documents.
  • 702: Corrected a regression where the Explorer was incorrectly display both image and hex data for image values in Best view.
  • 703: Corrected a regression where Script Debugger fails to recognize NSURL instances referring to a file and display them using the File Explorer.
  • 704: To avoid codesigning errors, Script Debugger will strip resource forks/xattrs from all files in a bundle’s /Contents/Resources folder before signing.

I got an uncaught exception error (NSInternalInconsistencyException, printOperationWithSettings:error). I definitely hadn’t done any printing or messed with any print settings.

I launched SD 6.0.3. I clicked the “Open in Script Debugger” on the SD Discourse site. The text appeared in a SD window. I clicked the compile button on SD window and it got an uncaught exception. I clicked the crash button. I had just updated to SD 6.0.3 last night before going to bed and I got this crash the first time I used SD this morning.

I included the Apple crash report, the SD crash report and the console output in this post. They are all in the same zip archive.

Bill (58.5 KB)