ANNOUNCE: AppleScript The Latest Reference for v2.8

Seven years have passed since the publication of the first “AppleScript Latest Reference for macOS 10.11”. We have published a completely updated updated version. The PDF is 974 pages.

Updated to match the latest OS environment

Updated for macOS 12/13/14 to match the current AppleScript v2.8 environment. As much as possible, we track changes in terminology dictionaries for each application since macOS 10.13 and evaluate the security constraints of each AppleScript execution program using benchmark scripts.

Wider, easier to understand, more detailed

The number of pages has been significantly increased from the original “AppleScript Latest Reference” (483 pages) to 974 pages. As a result, we have expanded the scope of explanation.

In addition, we have adopted a chapter structure divided by the difficulty of the explanation content and the level of the intended user.

Useful information for beginners to Script (Introduction), Useful information for Script users (Usage), Useful information for users who actually write scripts (Practical), Useful information to look up when you have a problem. Information (materials), etc.

The appendix of this book includes the latest version of Snipet Script’s “Piyomaru Context Menu Assistant” which can be called from the script editor’s context menu, “Piyomaru Script Templates” which can be called as a script editor template, and “Dynamic Menu Clicker” which is a powerful helper for GUI Scripting. It will be configured (I will attach it all together from now on, as it requires some modification).

This book is an easy-to-understand summary of information that will be useful for both those who are planning to dabble in Script and those who are already using it.

Table Of Contents:

■Special feature

All about AppleScript v2.8
Shortcuts Events
AppleScript extension in the era without OSAX
Unlock various security restrictions
Current status of various support programs
Explanation of AppleScript compatibility of macOS standard equipment & Apple genuine apps
Finder/Automator/Calendar/Contacts/Mail/Maps/Messages/Music/Memos/Photos/System Settings/Preview/QuickTime Player/Reminder/Safari/Script Editor/Shortcuts/Terminal/TextEdit/tv/VoiceOver/Screen Sharing/ Console/System Information/Keynote/Pages/Numbers/Claris FileMaker Pro/Xcode/Apple Configurator/Garageband/iMovie/Instruments


Who makes the AppleScript world?
Standard macOS applications that support AppleScript
Various macOS standard tools that can execute AppleScript
Third-party hardware and software that can run AppleScript
What is AppleScript?
How to use the script editor
What happens during “Syntax check”
Things to prepare before writing a script
AppleScript Fastest Master
Grammar guide
List of AppleScript reserved words
AppleScript Latest Reference
tell blocks/actions/dialog display/commands/other language calls/ordinals/control syntax/string operations/system date/data types/constants/variable/property declarations/functions/operators/path related/file input/output/localization Related/Text summarization/Web service calls/Filter references/Subroutine declarations/Meaningless words/Clipboard control/Volume control/Script objects/Others
Instruction pattern for application
What is Script Debugger?
Finder terminology dictionary strategy guide
Standard processing using Finder
Column: Finder setting items that affect GUI app operations

■For Script Users

How to use the Script Menu
FastScripts 3
Script Menu for each application
Folder action explanation
AppleScript used from Terminal
Various plug-insAppleScript
PDF Workflow Script Explanation
Mail Plugin Script Explanation
Call from context menu
Obsolete plugin AppleScript
Other AppleScript Launchers ~ Switch Control/Automator/Shortcuts/Voice Control/Adobe Illustrator 2023/Adobe InDesign 2023/Keyboard Maestro/Hammerspoon/Service Station/Dropzone 4/Visual Studio Code/CotEditor+PowerPack/Xojo 2023/Live Code/Elgato Stream Deck
AppleScript under restricted user account & restricted machine environment
Parental Controls and AppleScript
AppleScript under MDM restrictions

■For Script Writers

Check OS version number
Know your runtime environment
Hardware information
GUI Scripting Overview
Easily utilize online functions from AppleScript
JavaScript library calls on CDN
Script operation techniques that do not require creating droplets
Introduction to Cocoa Scripting
List of supported frameworks (macOS 13/14)
Sell apps created with AppleScript on the Mac App Store
Piyomaru Context Menu Assistant
Piyomaru Script Templates


Technologies that are not compatible with AppleScript
Different coordinate systems for each application
AppleScript written in a proprietary macro language ~ Microsoft Office VBA/Claris FileMaker Pro Script Step
Cooperation with iOS devices
Run AppleScript from iOS device
Update information on your iOS device
Make a phone call with AppleScript
Send SMS with AppleScript
Make a FaceTime call with your iPhone/iPad
Resource reference ~ Predicate statement/UTI/icon/disk image
History of AppleScript
Element technology history of macOS and AppleScript
History of AppleScript macOS edition
History of AppleScript Classic MacOS edition
AppleScript FAQs
Error number and error message
AppleScript error code table
key code table
Key code for key input simulation


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Some people ask me about English edition.

I’ll write English version at condition:

–At least 20 readers
–Book will be divided into 4 part
–One book will be sold at US$ 40
–Supplement Scripts will be omitted

Is my math correct?
$40 x 4 = $160 for whole book without scripts?

So the project with 20 people buying $3200?
So if you sell 20 more after the initial 20 how much do they pay?

The Japanese version is about $28 but of course you also would have to translate it…

You can translate Japanese version with various translation software or services.
It does not cost so much.

Did you have some experience with reading Japanese language?
It is far different from English. I have to re-capture screen shot in another language environment. It takes additional time to do.

To be honest, translating books into English is a job I don’t want to do.

Many English speakers say, "It should be published in English,‘’ but they are talking about a principle that "should’’ be done, and in many cases it is not a matter of what the person "wants.‘’ Doesn’t mean it.

I have had the experience of not selling much even if I write an English version, and I know that translating into English is a task that is not worth the effort.

Japanese language has good writing efficiency. The same content can be written in fewer characters in Japanese than in English. If you translate headings written in Japanese into English, they will become longer and you will not be able to layout them the way you want. The book currently has 998 pages, but it will probably be around 1500 pages. So, page layouts will be changed due to the additional characters.

I have had many experiences where people who have said they want something easily change their mind.

Do you want to work for free?

About supplement scripts.

Supplement scripts consists of four types. In particular, I don’t want to translate A and B. They are too many.

Supplement A: Piyomaru Script Assistant:

It is a super -enhanced version of Apple attached to Script Editor. It provides powerful AppleScript description support and has been updated since the Mac OS X 10.4 era. It is a content that depends on the Japanese environment, and it is unknown whether it is translanted into English environment and it is easy to use. Includes 659 Scripts.

Supplement B: Piyomaru Script Templates:

Includes 1487 AppleScript templates that describe the description example of the application attached to the MacOS standard. The operation is confirmed in the Japanese version of the MacOS environment + application.

Supplement C: Piyomaru Dynamic Menu Clicker:
This Script is automated GUI Scripting. You don’t have to write object structure or use UI Browser. You can control menu items by writing menu title list such as {“File”, “New”}.

Supplement D: Book samples:
This is Script described in this book. These are less than 100 or less.

Do you want to translate and re-check 2167 scripts in another language environment?


Here is Japanese (left) - English (right) translation sample.

Japanese: 1314 characters
English: 2953 characters

English word-wrap will brake many layouts. Japanese can be word wrapped anywhere, except for some special characters.

And…“Parable” is no longer meaningful when translated into English.

Here is the text converted by i2ocr then ran through
This is not for you but other english speakers.
File names just dont make sense when translated.

View Script Editor File Edit View Script Font Format Window Help

@@ Name not set 5

Complementary not selected in AppleScript tell current application? > <



Sveperu and Rokupo
automatic exchange


Layout direction

About these scripts
open script folder

teens tell block
39 Accessing the system
Ling dialog, user interface
Station RTF, style text manipulation
List (array) processing
8 functions
grass file related
|Image processing
Cave record submission
-Handler related
Character operation
P PDF operation
Mi control connection
Editing support
Piyomaru Software
Comment (text selection required)
Medium About these scripts

Y Select from list

  • File selection

Ryukyu notification

People character display dialog

biased folder selection

Character input

Select file name and location (e.g. for saving data)
seasonal status par

Chang color selection

Custom Library call

Y Select from list

  • File selection

Ryukyu notification

Human character display dialog

Contains folders

Cross character input

Select file name and location (e.g. for saving data)
leather status par

color selection

Custom Library call

@⑳2 button
1 button
⑳3-point button
Hiroshi OK button +22 titles
Hiroshi OK button
SR OK button, @ display time limit
= Cancel button
@⑳2 button
1 button
⑳3 buttons
Dynamic ROK button + key title
Sei SROK Potan
Return 5 OK button, @ Display limit time
Dynamic = Cancel button

” stop icon
Masaharu person attention icon
Conquest No icon
Motion M Notification icon

edit* I cut the individual menus apart into pieces and the result is MUCH better.
Suberu and meter
automatic exchange
direction of layout

About these scripts
open script folder
tell block
Access to the system
Dialog, user interface.
RTF, style text stamping
List (array) processing
File related
image processing
code operation
Handler related
character string junsaku
PDF operation
Seiwabun related
Batting support
Piyomaru Software
Comments (text selection book
About these scripts

Completion from list
File selection
Character display dialog”
Folder thought
Character input
Select file name and location (default)
status bumper
color selection
Custom Library call
Select from list
File selection
Double character display dialog
Folder thought
Character input
Select file name and location (e.g. for saving data)
status par
color selection
Custom Library call
(for saving data, etc.)

2 button
1 button
3 button
OK button + the title
OK button
OK button, multiple display time limits
Cancel button
2 button
1 button
3 button
OK button + the title
OK button
OK button,
Cancel button
With time limit for presentation

stop icon
caution icon
No icon
Notification icon

Here is the text for english speakers. Again does not translate well.

New work from plate

Open the instruction manual.
Open recent items


menu selection + Control key

Love Numbers
System settings (macOS 13.6 or later)

total music

Chu Database Events
total mail

  • keynote

Ikuma proof

language script editor
Hard Safari

total reminder

Store Finder

= preview

= timer applet
Total System Events
Naka Gosaki

Sho Terminal

Return calendar

lyrics Pages

Total QuickTime Player
〒 Droplet (required for macOS 10.12 or later)


Total Mail

King Droplets


Cocoa-AppleScript Appletapp

〒 Export

Return Master slide (pace layout), Base layout,

village application

Bottom Selected item on page

Presentation Number of slides (number of pages) Count
Return Create new document, document
Medium Table of contents creation

Return New slide, slide

total current slide

Total document theme

mm In-page object

vomit slide notes

edit* I cut the individual menus apart into pieces and the result is MUCH better.

New edition
Guru from Template
Same as Ariake
Enlarge nearby items
given name
Write it down…
Revert version
page settings

Script Menu (Select the content of the menu using the Contrcl key |
System year (macOS 13.5 and earlier)
patabase Events
?? ??
script editor
timer afret
System Event
Half ahead
QuickTime Plsyer
Droplet (macOS 1012 and later version)
electric track
Cocoa-AppleScript Appletapp

Master slide (paced layout), Base lsyouk,
Selected in-page item
Slide attendance (page weight count)
Suburban document creation, document
new husband slides, slides, pages
ME slide
cause theme
page loob
slide notes


Movie wadding in native size.scpt
Movie axis extraction with specified image resolution.sct

I dont expect you to work for free.
I want you to be successful at marketing your materials to english speakers because you are invaluable to the applescript world. I dont understand why its so difficult to get them to buy. I would like to see all your materials in english.
Maybe others can chime in on how to make it profitable.

Hmm…I can’t understand what you explain at last.
A book translation is not so easy task for me. OK?
English translation means re-writing. OK?

I failed five times to update this book. So, I separated each theme into small books.

I planned on a yearly basis and updated this book.
To write this book, I wrote 31 books to update each theme. OK?

And this book is not a kind of poem. So, I have to check contents by execute script or apps. I have to make sample data to capture app window. It is a simple screen capture and take a long long time. OK? Understand?

My book editing team member is only one.
Write by me. Design by me. Proof reading by me. Program writing by me.
So, I wrote various AppleScript to automate book making process.
English translation is not suit for these automated scripts. OK?

If you don’t agree these, you have to forget this book.
Or you have to write a book by yourself. 1,000 pages of book. Not one or two. 1,000. OK? Understand?

And battle with Apple for their AppleScript bugs in each minor version update.
If you are angry with them, don’t write the angry words to your book. OK?

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English version books do not sell much. It doesn’t sell even if I make it.

Your remarks just made me think, “I don’t want to make an English version.”
It is your achievement if the English version of this book stops and the Japanese version of the new version will come out immediately.

This figure is made by Kamenoko (Full written in AppleScript)

I have done some translation of your blog articles with translate google. Most of the time they are fully understandable. Good enough I would say. You comment and format your code very well most of the time. My self I dont care about the graphics so much, of course some would matter more than others, but when I can run the script and get a graphic of my own then no need. You probably should not do it on your own. Several people have voluntered to proofread. If the buyers of the book could colaborate together then maybe it would make it more easy and profitable.
By the way I WILL buy if you go ahead.

The sentences on the blog have been purposely lowered in difficulty to make them easier to translate. When I write a blog, I significantly lower the difficulty level of my writing. It’s writing at the level of an elementary school student’s diary.

・Write in bullet points
・Do not write parables
・Avoid examples that depend on Japanese culture as much as possible

The text on a blog is a type of memo or bulleted list, not commercial-level writing. A blog is a place where you can post low-quality texts.

This is significantly different from ``book’'-quality writing, which does not bore the reader even if it is somewhat long and is easier to understand. I repeatedly explain that texts with improved quality will inevitably become difficult to translate and will no longer make sense.

There is a big difference in difficulty between writing that has improved quality and quantity (writing that you can sell to people) and notes that you have scribbled on it.

Just as putting an organic compound in a glass container and leaving it there for hundreds of millions of years will not produce life, putting paper scraps in a trash can will not produce a literary work.

Just because a note written on a piece of paper can be translated does not prove that the book itself is easy to translate.

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Today, I had updated the book contents (Japanese version).
This is the preparation for English translated version (if possible. Now this project have 19 supporters).

In Japan, I wrote “AppleScript latest reference for macOS 10.11” in seven years ago.
Its English version did not exist.

Japanese version book is on the assumption that older version.
English translated version book will be the first one.
So, I added “Introduction” section and “Remote Apple Events”.

–Introduction (New)

Introduction to AppleScript (New)


Comprehensive Overview of AppleScript v2.8
Benchmark Reports / Benchmark Scripts ① ② ③(New)
Shortcuts Events
Extending AppleScript Commands in the Pre-OSAX Era
Unlocking Security Restrictions
Current Status of Various Support Programs
Explanation of AppleScript Compatibility in macOS Standard Equipment & Apple Native Apps
Finder / Automator / Calendar / Contacts / Mail / Maps / Messages / Music / Notes / Photos / System Preferences / Preview / QuickTime Player / Reminders / Safari / Script Editor / Shortcuts / Terminal / TextEdit / TV / VoiceOver / Screen Sharing / Console / System Information / Keynote / Pages / Numbers / Claris FileMaker Pro / Xcode / Apple Configurator / Garageband / iMovie / Instruments

–Beginner’s Guide

Shaping the World of AppleScript
Applications with AppleScript Support in macOS Standard Equipment
Various macOS Standard Tools for Running AppleScript
Third-Party Hardware & Software Capable of Running AppleScript
What Is AppleScript?
How to Use Script Editor
What Happens During “Syntax Checking”
Preparing Before Writing Scripts
Fastest AppleScript Mastery
Grammar Section
List of AppleScript Reserved Words
Latest AppleScript Reference
Tell Block / Actions / Display Dialogs / Commands / Invoking Other Languages / Ordinals / Control Structures / String Manipulation / System Date / Data Types / Constants / Variable & Property Declarations / Functions / Operators / Path Related / File Input/Output / Localization Related / Text Summarization / Web Service Calls / Filter References / Subroutine Declarations / Meaningless Words / Clipboard Control / Volume Control / Script Objects / Others
Instruction Patterns for Applications
What is Script Debugger?
Guide to Finder Dictionary Terms
Standard Processes Using Finder
Column - Finder Settings Affecting GUI Application Operations

–Users Guide

How to Use Script Menu
FastScripts 3
Script Menu for Each Application
Explanation of Folder Actions
Using AppleScript from Terminal
Various Plugin AppleScripts
Explanation of PDF Workflow Scripts
Explanation of Mail Plugin Scripts
Calling from Context Menus
Deprecated Plugin AppleScripts
Other AppleScript Launchers - Switch Control / Automator / Shortcuts / Voice Control / Adobe Illustrator 2023 / Adobe InDesign 2023 / Keyboard Maestro / Hammerspoon / Service Station / Dropzone 4 / Visual Studio Code / CotEditor+PowerPack / Xojo 2023 / Live Code / Elgato Stream Deck
AppleScript in Restricted User Accounts and Restricted Machine Environments
Parental Control and AppleScript
AppleScript in Restricted Environments with MDM

–Practical Guide

Checking OS Version Numbers
Understanding the Runtime Environment
Hardware Information
Overview of GUI Scripting
Remote Apple Events (New)
Utilizing Online Features from AppleScript
Calling REST APIs
Calling JavaScript Libraries on CDN
Running Scripts Safely Without Creating Droplets
Introduction to Cocoa Scripting
List of Supported Frameworks (macOS 13/14)
Selling AppleScript-Made Apps on the Mac App Store
Piyomaru Context Menu Assistant
Piyomaru Script Templates

–Reference Section

Technologies That Are Not Compatible with AppleScript
Various Coordinate Systems in Each Application
Writing AppleScript in Proprietary Macro Languages - Microsoft Office VBA / Claris FileMaker Pro Script Step
Integration with iOS Devices
Running AppleScript from iOS Devices
Updating Information on iOS Devices
Making Phone Calls with AppleScript
Sending SMS with AppleScript
Making Calls with iPhone/iPad and FaceTime
Resource Reference - Predicate Statements / UTIs / Icons / Disk Images
History of AppleScript
Technological History of macOS and AppleScript
History of AppleScript in macOS
History of AppleScript in Classic macOS
AppleScript FAQs
Error Numbers and Error Messages
AppleScript Error Code Table
Keycode Table
Key Input Simulation Keycodes

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Proto-type layout is here.

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Thank you working on the English translation.

May I only suggest one thing: If you’re using justified text alignment, then enable hyphenation (if your layout app provides this option at all). This would make the text both more compact and better readable.

If hyphenation isn’t possible, then you may want to consider left-aligned text.

Left aligned.

Hyphenation enabled.

It doesn’t look like it hyphenates anything…

I wonder if you have English selected in File > Advanced > Language & Region?

Otherwise, proper hyphenation won’t be applied.

My Document Language & Region was “Japanese” and “Japan”.
So, I changed it to “English” and “United States”.

スクリーンショット 2023-11-04 2.01.51

Ok now it’s properly hyphenated.

As you can see, it’s also the most compact version.

The left-aligned version is equally good from the point of readability and proper typography (albeit less compact).