Adobe Illustrator Dictionary

Hi all,

I am unable to open/view the dictionary for Adobe Illustrator 2020 and 2021.
I can only view the one from 2019.

Am I doing something wrong?

It’s a problem with Illustrator. see:

Please report it to Adobe.

for me it is working
from script debugger choose file>open dictionary>application…
and browse to illustrator application

Thank you for your reply Marco but doing this crashes Script Debugger

Bonjour Michel,

Go to Preferences>Dictionary Tab.
Click on ‘Clear Cache’.

If it does not help, try to uncheck ‘Cache generated dictionaries’, quit & restart SD.

Thanks for your reply Jonas,

These still make SD crash… ;-(

I don’t see any Crash Reports for this problem from you Michel. Please submit any future crash reports and I’ll look into the cause.

Does it still crash when you try Shane’s solution from the other thread?

yes but Explorer is still grayed out

Hi Mark,
you should have received one by now

FYI, this seems to be fixed with version 25.2.2.