Adobe Illustrator Reference Library Not Working

Hi all,
I’m new to this forum and new to AppleScript in general. So please go easy on me.

I recently upgraded to a paid version of Script Debugger and noticed that once I did so I was no longer able to connect to the Adobe Illustrator Dictionary / Object Model. Not sure if this is a Script Debugger issue or something on Adobe’s end (I suspect the latter as I noticed a similar issue when using Script Editor, but am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how I might go about fixing this?

Kind regards


The latest issue of Illustrator (I’m looking at version 25.2) does have a problem — they appear not to have included a value that tells the OS (and editors) that it is scriptable.

You can open the dictionary file directly. You’ll need to control-click on the app’s icon and choose Show Package Contents. Then in the Contents/Resources/ folder, you will see a file called Adobe Illustrator.sdef. Drag this file over Script Debugger’s icon in the Dock.

Control-click on it in Script Debugger’s dictionary window and choose Favorite, so you don’t have to do this each time want to look at it.

And please report the problem to Adobe (tell them its Info.plist file is missing its NSAppleScriptEnabled entry).

This is great - thank you! I’ll give this a try as soon as I have a free moment, and will also let Adobe know.

Much appreciated.

FYI, this looks to be fixed in version 25.2.2.