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As of now, nothing seems to work the way I want.

  • If you make the window too small, the text of the buttons and popups in the tool bar get jumbled.
  • In the title bar, there’s a button named “Deny Access…” that opens the security and privacy panel in System Preferences.
  • Screen reader, highlight and follow buttons have no effect.
  • At present, none of buttons in the toolbar work (except the view options).

You probably know all of this, of course!

For me, the primary way I use UI Browser is with the screen reader and follow focus buttons. I find the item I want to control then jump back to UI B and go from there.

I also use the Generate AppleScript once I’ve nailed down what I want to try.

Also, can you let us know here when you’ve updated the builds?

I’m on 4.0.0(84)