A Noob Question From An Experienced Scripter: What's The Definition Of "Accessory View"?

This is ringing a bell. Wasn’t there something like this in your MT samples, where your script displayed a dialog without closing the MT window? Is it like that?

Yes, there’s a sample with a checkbox in the accessory view.

OK, this approach of adding a date picker to MT isn’t really working for me. (smallest error leaves SD in an unstable state requiring a force quit; the change to the date is updated in the script as it’s made rather than when the OK button is hit).

I’m going with a different strategy. Rather than use the date picker with Myriad Tables, I’ll have the user select the item in MT, then bring up a new window(s) to pick the date(s).

It may be a better solution than what I was planning.

These tools, Myriad Tables and Dialog Toolkit Plus, are so powerful, I’ve got to be careful I don’t fill the user with too much information and choices in one window.


FYI, for those also trying incorporate other accessory views into Dialog Toolkit Plus, I’m trying with a strategy that doesn’t replace DT+ with a different library, but only adds a library with two commands from DT+:

  • Display Enhanced Window
  • Display Enhanced Alert

These commands will be renamed as:

  • Display Extended Window
  • Display Extended Alert

And adds commands with additional AccViews. For now they will be:

  • Create Date Picker
  • Create Combo Box

The idea is that DT+ commands will be used to create all the UI views it now does, along with everything else, but the new version: “Dialog Toolkit Extended” will be used to create the additional views and display them.

For those two views I’ll convert the result to an appleScript date, and a string value. For any other views it will return the raw value.

I’m going to borrow (steal) the library script provided by @georgeorwell here to do all the heavy lifting

@estockly @ShaneStanley it might be cool to create a topic here or on Macscripter that houses mods for Shane’s libraries. I have played with his Dialog Toolkit and added Color Popups to choose from colors, an indefinite time-out and probably few other items. The key is documenting well so when it needs upgrades, it’s easier.

This would be a better thread, I think…