XPath recommendations?

To extract something from HTML I currently use regex via ASObjC. XPath is probably the correct way to do it, right? Do you have recommendations (links, tips, do & don’t do) how to start to get my head around XPath?

Searching the forum I found …

… and …

… but didn’t check them yet.

As XPath seems complex, I figured it’s better to ask before I waste time with (potentially) bad introductions.

I use XPathQuery4ObjC for XPath processing.

Sample script is here.


@Piyomaru you’re now on a very good way to become my favorite user :slight_smile: I will check this out!

I re-checked XPath script in macOS Ventura and I found it does not work now.

Hmm…XPath is the essential technology. So, we have to find the replacement.