Xcode vs SD Notary

My SD Notary II has suddenly ceased to launch, complaining that "Notarization cannot be performed without Xcode 13 or later installed and running. " I’m using Xcode Version 15.4 (15F31d), with all vanilla locations; as far as I can tell, nothing has changed since I last built a beta on May 6.

Have you renamed Xcode, or installed it somewhere other than in /Applications?

Not renamed, or moved. Restart didn’t help. Then, left it idle for an hour, tried again, and all was well.

Do you have more than one version of Xcode on the Mac?

Nope! Checked and double-checked by searching for Xcode in Finder.

I’m not sure I can offer you an explanation, other than system glitch. The checking is pretty straight forward using standard APIs, so there’s no reason it should stop working and then start again with no changes to Xcode.

See what xcode-select -p returns from the Terminal. If the result does not match your Xcode installation, use xcode-select to establish the correct path.

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