Xcode NSPopup binding

I’m able, in a Xcode project, to bind to the Shared User Default Controller the status of matrices, text fields and checkboxes but can’t find how to do the same for a popup menu.

What’s the trick?

If you want a binding for the item selected, bind to its Selected Value.

Ok for the selected item. But how to bind the contents?

The popup menu items are stored in a pref file shared by several scripts.
In those scripts, I’m using NSUserDefault to build the popup menu at launch.
I could use the same approch for this app…
I have made a button to build the menu when I need to update it.
Now I want to bind the menu items (and separators) list.
I tried content, content objects and content values but the menu is always empty at relaunch.
What I’m missing?

It works with content values. You say several scripts share the same pref file, but I don’t see how that’s compatible with the Share User Defaults Controller.

I’m not talking about Share User Defaults Controller but NSUserDefault.
In the scripts I’m using:

 current application's NSUserDefaults's alloc()'s initWithSuiteName:"com.ionah.sharedprefs.plist"

Which gives me access to the same pref file in a dozen of scripts and apps.
I know that it can be a problem with signed apps, but those scripts are only for my personal use and will never be ported for another system.

The Xcode app was built that way but I wanted to learn bindings to Share User Defaults Controller.

Here are my settings:

Then I’m confused. Your first message said you were, no?

It’s not you. I’m limited with my poor english.

I have a Xcode app (named Export PDF) that, well… exports PDFs from Indesign!
Based on several parameters chosen by user, it creates an e-mail, adding the pdf as attachement.
One of those parameters is the recipient of the mail, picked up from a client list, displayed as popup.

The client list is stored in a shared plist file (“com.ionah.sharedprefs.plist”)
I’m using NSUserDefaults to get the client list from this “external” pref file and update the popup menu.
This is done at launch in the applicationWillFinishLaunching: handler.

Now I want to learn how to use bindings to store the popup’s content in the Xcode app’s plist file.
So I made a button to update the popup menu (from the external pref) when it’s needed.
I thought that the popup contents would be automatically saved with bindings like I set them (see previous post).

But the popup content is lost at every launch.
I’m sure there’s something obvious I’m missing.

If I understand correctly, I don’t think you can use bindings in that case. If you’re pushing a button to update them, you can store them in user defaults there.

Ok. I will revert to the NSUserDefaults version and get rid of all that mess!
Thank you for trying to understand all that gibberish.