Xcode 14 unusable on Ventura: doesn't recognize ANY outlets

Just wanted to warn those who use Xcode 14 successfully on Monterey and are thinking of upgrading to Ventura:

Xcode 14 is unusable on Ventura yet. Xcode doesn’t recognize ANY newly created IBOutlet instances - not only those in AppleScriptObjC scripts. That is you won’t be able to use outlets created on Ventura in any Objective-C code as well.

This also affects the latest beta Xcode 14.1 RC2.

Xcode Version 14.0.1 (14A400) works with newly created outlet.

Not on my machine.

I also have just installed macOS 13.1 beta - the bug is still there.

I wonder what machine are you using?

My Mac with Ventura is Mac Book Pro M1 Pro 16".

(I also have Mac Studio which I don’t upgrade to Ventura exactly because of the Xcode issue).

My machine is Mac mini M1 (Macmini9,1) with macOS 13.1beta.


The main difference between our machines is the processor: M1 vs. M1 Pro.

Ha. I installed Ventura on a different partition of the same MacBook Pro - and outlets work in Xcode 14 there with no issues.

It means to me that the bug is somewhere there hiding, waiting for the right conditions to happen. But, hopefully, it must be extremely rare.

No. It was fixed by Apple. So, we can use the function, now.

I ensured that we can restore AppleScript App template from Xcode 13.2 bundle contents.