Xcode 13 doesn't recognize outlets in AppleScriptObjC scripts

I wonder if others can confirm the same bug: Xcode 13.2 doesn’t recognize outlets in AppleScriptObjC scripts.

I’m referring to outlets in ASOC scripts:

property testOutlet : missing value

More details:

-Existing outlets keep working with no issues and are listed in Interface Builder. However, they’re marked with a warning sign and tool tip “<script class> doesn’t have an outlet named <outletName>”

-If you create a new outlet in ASOC script, the outlet won’t be listed in IB at all.

-I still have Xcode 13 Beta 1, and there’s no issue there: all ASOC outlets are recognized in IB as expected just like in all earlier Xcode versions.

So the problem only started recently, somewhere between Xcode beta and Xcode 13.2.

I wonder if others have the same issue?


Unfortunately that’s correct.

Good news and bad news.
This seems to be recovered. But ASOC template seems to be removed in Xcode 14 beta 3.


Resolved in Xcode 14 Beta 3
The Cocoa AppleScript application template has been removed in Xcode 14. (20633478)

Interface Builder
Resolved in Xcode 14 Beta 3
Fixed an issue with outlet and action connections to AppleScript-based AppDelegates. (83373726) (FB9643535)

In the end, it’s not fixed in now released Xcode 14 as I also reported here: Workaround for AppleScript-ObjectiveC outlets bug in Xcode 13+

now looks like fixed when running Xcode 14 on Monterey (but not Ventura): Workaround for AppleScript-ObjectiveC outlets bug in Xcode 13+ - #4 by leo_r

Hi all,

After an upgrade to Monterey, I installed Xcode 13.4.1.
As expected, I’m not able to connect any Outlet.
But I don’t understand how to fix this issue.
Do I have to download the latest version of Xcode 14 or is there any workaround?

MacOS 12.6.1 (21G217)
Xcode 13.4.1 (20504)
Script Debugger 8.0.5 (8A61)
FastScripts 3.2.3b3 (1730)

Yes, download Xcode 14 - it should be fixed there.

Thanks Leo. I feel reassured.