Xcode 13 doesn't recognize outlets in AppleScriptObjC scripts

I wonder if others can confirm the same bug: Xcode 13.2 doesn’t recognize outlets in AppleScriptObjC scripts.

I’m referring to outlets in ASOC scripts:

property testOutlet : missing value

More details:

-Existing outlets keep working with no issues and are listed in Interface Builder. However, they’re marked with a warning sign and tool tip “<script class> doesn’t have an outlet named <outletName>”

-If you create a new outlet in ASOC script, the outlet won’t be listed in IB at all.

-I still have Xcode 13 Beta 1, and there’s no issue there: all ASOC outlets are recognized in IB as expected just like in all earlier Xcode versions.

So the problem only started recently, somewhere between Xcode beta and Xcode 13.2.

I wonder if others have the same issue?


Unfortunately that’s correct.