Wrap events in Event Log?

I have some very long events which are programmatically formed (they are “do shell script” calls with a lot of parameters – some are path names which can be long). I need to check that my code correctly forms those events. I’ve tried opening the Event Log in a window but even on my 27" display I can’t see the whole event. Currently I copy the event and paste into TextEditor. I have turned on View=>Wrap Lines.

Is it possible to wrap lines in the Event Log ?

Seconded, very much indeed. And, BTW, make Wrap Lines stick as a general setting for every script opened.

You can configure the default setting for any view option by opening or creating a document, configuring the window as you want it, and then issuing the Window>Set Default Script Size & State command. This will cause any newly created script document to take the view settings you’ve established.

Thanks for that – I didn’t know about that feature of the Window menu. It’s not much trouble to copy and paste out my long events but, some kind of line wrapping in the Event Log would be a help.

Have been using SD for only 8 months. It took a while to get comfortable but, it was worth the effort. I’ve just found that line wrapping is available in the Result Explorer which will be useful.

Cheers and hope things are better for everyone in 2021.