Wiping out old links on "Permanent place for ASObj-C database"


It bugs me that I have to keep wiping out all the links people have put on the “Permanent place for ASObj-C database” to posts the new stuff. Is there a way I can keep from doing that? I was never able to find a place to safely put links on.


Rather than sharing an individual dropbox file you can share a folder, then just keep the current archived files there.


Thanks for the corrections on the glossary. I took some kind of action on everything listed. All the unexplained quotes were mistakes on my part. I added a note at the top on why I did not make the beginning of a sentence a capital letter when it started with quotes.

As per your suggestion I explained “class clusters” and Enumeration a lot better and used actual examples. By the time I finished the Enumeration description I had a decent definition of abstract and and concrete classes so I changed the definition of these 2 things to “see Enumeration.” Can you look at the new entries for “class clusters” and Enumeration and let me know if they make more sense?

Thanks for the suggestion about a drop box folder. I already created a dropbox folder to hold the newest versions of the files for the database. For now I have the new link for the dropbox folder and the old file links until I am sure I have it set up right.

The only 2 things I have left to finish is the actual database file and the help manual. The database file works right now but I figured I would hold off on posting it until everything else is done. Then if I end up changing something in the database because I realized something is silly while doing the help text I will not have to repost the database.

When I finish the help file I’ll announce the new version.

I was impressed you noticed the extra left parenthesis in the NSRect definition :wink:

Thanks again for giving me the corrections on the glossary :slight_smile:


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