Will AppleScript run on macOS 11 on Apple silicon?

Does anyone yet know whether AppleScript will run on macOS 11 Big Sur particularly on Apple SOCs? I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple hasn’t released any documentation on this as yet but hopefully more will be known once people get their hands on the developer kit hardware.

Perhaps a question that might be more easily answered now is: Is running on Apple’s own chips likely to affect AppleScript? Presumably applets have a chance of working with Rosetta 2 but will regular compiled scripts?


I don’t think anyone will be able to answer authoritatively for a little while yet, but there’s been no suggestion it won’t.

(I was rather heartened to see that one of the samples in the slide showing new icon styles was for a .scptd document.)


Looking through the updated docs (which are still somewhat minimal), I’ve not seen indications that AppleScript is gone. There’s even a small update to the ASOC frameworks.

That’s encouraging!

I wasn’t sure from a technical standpoint whether Apple would have to specifically do any work to get AppleScript to work on ARM processes or whether that would come for free as a result of lower level changes. If engineering resources had to be specifically devoted to getting AppleScript to work on the new chips I could imagine it not getting priority, which would be devastating. Here’s hoping AppleScript makes it into macOS 11. :crossed_fingers:t4:

Awesome! That’s encouraging. :blush:

It look’s like AppleScript works in Big Sur. And display alert is now a less confusing method in regard to display dialog.


Thanks, I enjoyed that twitter thread too!