Where (what systems) can i safely use ASObjC?

This might be a very basic question.

I’m still using Yosemite on at work. I edit scripts, on a Yosemite mac, and most of them run on Yosemite and some run on newer systems.

I have a big project I’ve started and I’d like to use a few libraries using ASObjC, but I don’t want to have frequent crashes on either my development mac or especially on the run-time systems.

None of the ABSObjC scripts I want to use have anything to do with the user interface, or operate inside app tells. They’re basically data (mostly text) manipulation.

So the question is can I write scripts using ABSObjc libraries on SD without frequent crashes, and can I safely deploy them on a variety of Mac OS builds from Yosemite and newer?

You need to be on macOS 10.11 or later to be stable. This, of course, does not guarantee stability because ASObjC makes it possible to crash your editor (SE or SD) easily. 10.11 does resolve the AppleScript bugs that consistently crashed SD after a few executions of a script.

OK, so that’s even if it’s not doing any UI stuff. Got it. Thanks

Depending on what you’re doing, this may or may not be of use, but the other day I released a free text converter utility, Alchemist, which is also AppleScriptable, so you can do things like this:

tell application "Alchemist"
	set hexString to hex of ascitext "hello world"
end tell
"68 65 6c 6c 6f 20 77 6f 72 6c 64"

Aside from hex, it’ll also convert binary and asci numbers to (asci) text and back again. All the conversions are available to AppleScript.

This question may soon become moot for me.

I was talking with our systems administrator who inherited the responsibility of blessing Mac OS versions for our network and I noticed the iMac on his desk was running El Capitan. We talked about it and he said that it wasn’t used for production, so it was fine on the network. He also said that while they were always careful there had never been a network issue that disqualified any version of Mac OS X. (Not so with Unix/Linnux or windows).

So now it’s up to me. I can install El Capitan, test all of my systems, he’ll run quick diagnostic and then, assuming no issues with the software I use, I’ll be able to upgrade all of the macs I administrate (about a dozen). As for the other macs, since I don’t edit scripts in SD on them, I won’t worry about ASObjc on them.

I’ll also be able to keep my home system and work system in sync. (I’ll still have a Yosemite partition on both if I need to revert or test there).