What's up with clippings?

I just did a clean install of SD 8 and I think there are some issues with the default clippings.

One clipping is named “Testing” and seems to provide samples and options for writing your own clippings with placeholders. That’s good, but it shouldn’t be named “testing” and shouldn’t be in the top group. Some of it duplicates what’s in “pickers.” It almost looks like it’s an unfinished work.

The “Speak” clipping is funky the first two lines are:

set [[linked-template:]]

There is a “metadata key picker” in with the appleScript clippings. I have no idea what that is, but maybe it should be with the ASObjC clippings?

Where are you seeing these clippings?

In the clippings menu and the inspectors pane.

Can you post a screenshot of the menu?

Looking at them in the finder, they were all created or modified in April. There’s another that’s titled “Expansion Tags” for some reason that doesn’t show up. They are all Text Edit documents. (I never use TE, only BBEdit or TW).

In Finder I’m only seeing 12 clippings (counting the one not in the menu).

I’m not sure what’s happening on your Mac, but all those above the separator are in your ~/Library/Application Support/Script Debugger 8/Clippings folder. Script Debugger itself only provides those below the separator, and doesn’t install any clippings in Application Support.

This is odd.

Is the metakeypicker where It’s supposed to be?

Before installing 8 I trashed the Clippings folder.

I don’t get it.

Do you mean metadata key picker? If so, yes – they’re in alphabetical order.

You didn’t use something like Dropbox did you?

I do use dropbox, yes…